I love adding chickpeas to my salads, toast, on top of soups or even giving to t…

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I love adding chickpeas to my salads, toast, on top of soups or even giving to the kids for a snack ) they easily can destroy a whole tray after school) They’re loaded with fiber and high in plant protein so it makes for a great healthy alternative to some of the other after school snacks out there 💁🏻‍♀️


1 can of chickpeas
2 teaspoons of kitehillfoods df chive cream cheese (sub reg cream cheese)
Juice from half a lemon
Drizzle of olive oil
2 teaspoons of water
2 tablespoons onion powder + more
Generous shake of nutritional yeast
1 green onion cut into thin slices
1 tablespoon sea salt + more
Pinch of finishing salt

Turn on oven to low broil. Combine cream cheese, lemon juice and water in a small bowl and whisk together. Set aside.
Next drain and rinse chickpeas. Dry throughly with a paper towel and layer on a small baking sheet. Do not use parchment paper-it will burn 🤣
Put cream cheese mixture over chickpeas and mix together with your hands. Add olive oil, onion powder, sea salt and nutritional yeast and mix together again. Place baking sheet in oven and keep a close eye as they can burn. Take out every couple of minutes and toss around. Chickpeas should be done after about 8-10 minutes although to get to your desired crispiness it could take longer. Top with green onions and a little pinch of finishing salt 👌🏻

✅ Pro-tip: Add extra seasonings at the end to achieve a real “onion” and “cheesy” taste.

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