8K footage of Titanic shows new details that could help identify the ship's rate of decay

For the first time, footage of the Titanic in 8K has been released, allowing viewers to peer at the iconic shipwreck front and center. OceanGate Expeditions,

a Washington-based deep-sea exploration company, posted the one-minute clip last week. A camera pans over the ship as Sebastian Pangal's "The Grand Chopin

Nocturne" plays hauntingly in the background. Also noticeable are the Titanic’s famous bow, as well as a portside anchor and a large anchor chain made up of links that weigh 200

pounds each. Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. The footage was captured during OceanGate Expeditions' 2022

Titanic Expedition as dive experts, Titanic historians and research scientists explored the wreck and analyzed the images and data alongside members of the public who applied and

reserved spots to join. A spokesperson said OceanGate's first Titanic expedition was in 2021, and they are done annually.  OceanGate

Expeditions said in a news release that the "unprecedented 8K footage" allows viewers to see never-before-seen details. What you need to know: When did the

Titanic sink? How many people survived? What to know about the famous wreck Rare photos: The Titanic sank 110 years ago. Here are some rare photos of the ship

and artifacts.