Fans Rage as 'Ted Lasso' Video Game Teased: 'When Is the New Season?'

Ted Lasso fans have reacted with a mix of anger and excitement after the show's official Twitter account shared an enigmatic photo of the titular star. The photo showed

the back of actor Jason Sudeikis, dressed as his character, Ted Lasso, and standing in front of a series of 3D scanning cameras. It was captioned: "Look out, Mario! You're

not the only pixelated man with a mustache who never knows where the tube is taking him..." Ted Lasso is a comedy series about an American football coach who gets hired to

manage a London-based soccer team, despite having no experience in the sport. Many fans interpreted the post as a hint the fictional AFC Richmond club would be included in

the new FIFA 23 video game, with Lasso becoming an option to choose as club coach. The cameras were similar to the ones used to scan professional players for the game, and

the tweet referenced the character Mario from the Super Mario Brothers Nintendo games who often has to go on tasks by jumping into steel tubes. It was also a play on words

as the London subway system is referred to as the 'Tube' and Lasso is often confused about things in his adopted city. While many soccer fans rushed to share their

excitement at the prospect of Lasso and Richmond joining FIFA 23, other fans demanded to know when they could expect season three of the Apple TV+ show, or at least a trailer for

it. The show's second season debuted in July, 2021 on the streamer with no word yet when fans can expect to get the third. "Still no Ted Lasso promo, teaser, trailer,

nothing," complained one fan.