Far-Right Party Poised To Win Italy’s Election Suspends Candidate Who Praised Hitler And Putin

Topline Italy is heading to the polls for a closely watched election that will likely see the far-right Brothers of Italy party win and hand the nation its first woman prime

minister—and the party triggered fresh controversy as it suspended one of its candidates this week after social media posts surfaced showing him praising Nazi dictator Adolf

Hitler.Key Facts Calogero Pisano, an Italian parliament candidate from Sicily, had called Hitler a "great statesman" and in 2014 said "I'm with Vladimir Putin," according to

Facebook posts unearthed by Italian newspaper la Repubblica. Pisano has also reportedly compared party leader Giorgia Meloni, who is widely expected to be Italy's next prime

minister, to Hitler and hailed her as a "modern fascist." Pisano's posts were widely condemned, with the president of the Jewish Community of Rome tweeting: "It is

unacceptable that those who praise Hitler can sit in the next Parliament." A hard-right coalition is expected to take control of parliament, with the Brothers of Italy the

overwhelming favorite to capture the most seats, making Meloni prime minister. Other parties in the coalition include Matteo Salvini’s Lega and former Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of the Five Star Movement is the leading left-wing challenger, but polls suggest he has little chance of

retaking his old post.