Man on a mission to stop cyclists from speeding through crosswalks in Central Park

NEW YORK -- One man is on a mission to stop cyclists and others from speeding through crosswalks in Central Park.  For several weeks, he stood right at the corner and

captured hundreds of bikers speeding through red lights as people crossed the road.  CBS2's Zinnia Maldonado heard from residents how they describe the crosswalk near the

63rd Street entrance.  "Nobody pays attention. You kind of do your own thing," one man said.  Traffic safety activist Jerome Dewalt recorded cyclists and others going

right through red lights as pedestrians attempted to cross.  "We're trying to get the traffic going through the crosswalk under control," he told Maldonado.  The Upper

West Side residents says he crosses the intersection almost every day and couldn't help but notice the safety hazard.  "When I learned it was within 350 feet of two

schools... It occurred to me that this crosswalk is really dangerous for children," he said.  Back in May, he began standing at the corner and capturing incident after

incident of mainly cyclists going through red lights.  The 71-year-old then created a petition, calling on the Department of Transportation to put in place

traffic calming devices. So far, it has received more than 1,000 signatures.  "The racing bikes come in between 28 and 32 miles per hour, so they're way over the speed

limit," Dewalt said. "So something like rumble strips that could causes bicyclists to come down to the speed -- 20." Dewalt mentioned injuries that occur at the crosswalk

often go unreported, but that doesn't make the issue less dangerous.