Mumbai's Zakir Hussain & Suresh Wadkar Make Music In Bay Area Jugalbandi

Tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain will join renowned Indian playback singer Suresh Wadkar in a concert at the San Jose Center Of Performing Arts on Sep 16th. Hussain and

Wadkar will blend their talents in Sukoon, a jugalbandi that celebrates their unique blend of their musical styles. “Music is global – it is actually beyond the boundaries of

religion or nation,” says Hussain. “Harmony is within us. Only when we allow the outside world to disturb our inner peace, do we feel distanced from each other.” Millworker

Vs Musical Icon The duo are quintessential Mumbai boys. One grew up poor, the other grew up wealthy. One is the son of laborers; the other is the son of a musical icon.

Hussain, who now lives in San Francisco, was born into a family of musicians in Mumbai. His father, tabla maestro Ustad Allah Rakha Khan Qureshi introduced Zakir to the world

of rhythm and sound at an early age. He would wake the eight-year-old at 2 a.m. to learn the patterns (bols) that the tabla can produce and have Zakir sing them back to him. 

Father and son would discuss rhythms, old masters, and great musicians, in nights that Hussain describes as magical. Musician Zakir Hussain Found Fame On The US Stage

At 19, Hussain was sent to perform with Ravi Shankar in New York as his father’s replacement. It marked the beginning of Hussain’s skyward trajectory as a percussionist.

In May of 1970, he performed with sarod master Ali Akbar Khan and sitar player Indranil Bhattacharya at the Family Dog on San Francisco’s Great Highway.   NPR, which lists

the performance on its Editor’s Picks, calls it riveting.