Munitions Fall From the Sky in Thermite Attack on Ukraine Village—Video

In a video shared by Ukrainian member of Parliament Roman Hryshchuk on Twitter, Ukraine's village of Ozerne, in the Donetsk region, appears to be hit by numerous incendiary

weapons falling from the sky. The spectacle resembles fireworks falling down in slow motion on the village's homes. "Ozerne village, Donetsk region. Ukraine. This is

horrible," wrote Hryshchuk in the post accompanying the clip, which has now been watched by over 225,000 people. Ozerne village, Donetsk region. Ukraine. This is

horrible.— Roman Hryshchuk (@grishchukroma) September 20, 2022 The Ukrainian MP did not confirm the date of the attack, but the location of the

video has been confirmed to be Ozerne, thanks to comparison with images of the village offered by Google Maps. Newsweek could not verify who shot the video or when, but has

contacted Ukraine's Ministry of Defense for comment. Russian use of Incendiary Munitions #Ozerne, Donetsk Oblast @GeoConfirmed 48.902166, 37.913899— Neonhandrail (@neonhandrail) September 20, 2022 @Geoconfirmed Additional proofs— Arvelleg

(@Arvelleg1) September 20, 2022 Outrage exploded on Twitter in response to the video, with many saying that the substance falling from the sky over Ozerne was in fact white

phosphorus, thermite or some sort of banned incendiary weapons.