Remembering the lying in state queue: ‘My memories will be forever shaped by it’

As the queue to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state closed at 6:30am on Monday morning, Telegraph readers commemorated the four-day ceremony, which has seen more than a

million mourners line the Thames’ banks. A testament to how well respected and admired the late Queen was, the queue got so long at one point the Government had to

temporarily close it, and mourners formed a new queue to enter the queue.  Becoming something of a legend, the queue sparked debate in the comments section and via our

Politics WhatsApp group as to how it was managed, with some suggesting the process could have been better organised, particularly as it neared Westminster Bridge where it formed a

notorious “zigzag” that was described as arduous to follow. However, the majority of readers shared the view of Judith Woods that it “united a nation” and “brought the

grieving together” as they recalled the camaraderie of those queuing alongside them to pay their respects.Reader experiences: ‘My memories will be forever shaped by the

queue’ @Jack Fleckney: "We've been in line since about 7am in Bermondsey, and there has been a lovely atmosphere in the queue. Neighbours have become temporary friends,

and all around you can hear conversations and gentle laughter. This really feels like a celebration of a historic life.  "My discomfort today is a small gesture of thanks to

Her Majesty, and those I've spoken to feel the same way. I will feel proud in future when I tell my newborn twins of the time I paid tribute to my queen."