Two-Thirds Of Republicans Support Sending Migrants To Liberal Areas, Poll Suggests

Topline Around two-thirds of Republican voters believe recent moves by GOP governors to relocate undocumented migrants to liberal-leaning areas are appropriate, according to a

Morning Consult/Politico survey, as governors ramp up relocation efforts that Democrats decry as political stunts.Key Facts Some 66% of Republicans said the moves are

appropriate, while only 19% said they are wrong. Only 26% of Democrats backed the relocation efforts, however, while 59% called them inappropriate. Among all surveyed,

slightly more (42%) said they are acceptable, compared to 41% who said they are not. Men of all political stripes were much more likely than women to support the moves—76%

of Republican men called the relocation efforts appropriate, a view 52% of all men surveyed and 38% of Democratic men also held. The poll surveyed 2,005 registered voters

between Friday and Sunday.